The Dominican Republic
Our Island Nation

Island of Hispaniola

The Dominican Republic is our island nation of choice with vast diversity and charm.

The DR occupies about 2/3rds of Hispaniola, the second largest Caribbean island (after Cuba).
Haiti occupies the other third.

Their border runs along the mountain range which separates them.

The breathtaking views and rich culture of this country have delighted many visitors. The Dominican people are also very warm and hospitable to guests, making this place an ideal destination for travelers.
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Why did we choose this country for our home, and....

What are some other benefits of living in the DR?

  • Lower cost of living and expenses
    (you might even be able to retire now, or at least, earlier than you thought! while maintaining your current standard of living)

  • DR offers some of the Most Affordable Real Estate in the Caribbean
    plus rising property values + demand (such as retiring baby-boomers), creates a superior "return-on-investment" environment

  • Stable government, low taxes and less government intervention, offers an environment with more individual freedom
    break free of "big brother" regulating every. little. thing.

  • Great climate - the weather here feels like summer year round with temps varying from mid 60s to low 90s

  • Leisure Have a maid and/or gardener take care of the daily cleaning - for the equivalent cost of two Starbucks coffees a day

  • Dominican coffee - Yummm ! If you've never tasted our delicious Dominican coffee, it's worth the trip just to do so :) It's amoung the best coffees in the world, and such a delicious way to start my day, while appreciating the lush tropical gardens waving in our tropical breeze.

    For some tips on the best ways to prepare this delicious brew, check out Coffee Maker Reviews to discover features, functions and what actual owners like and dislike about today's best brewers

Fragrant plumeria

  • S-L-O-W-E-R pace of living...time to stop n smell the plumeria -
    start your day enjoying that 2nd coffee on your garden terrace with your special someone

  • "Retire" - the way YOU want to- from "kick-back n relax mode" to high energy kiteboarding or windsurfing in the ideal conditions we're world-famous for :)

    It can be good to have a tool to help with decisions if you're wondering whether to retire overseas.

    The culture of the DR is as interesting and diverse as it's colorful history which helped form it.

    Check out this video to discover more about living on the north coast of the DR - enjoy!

    Here are some reasons why we chose the DR
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