Favorite Photos Say It Best

Sometimes "you say it best...when you say nothing at all".....
+ just show the favorite photos

after all, a picture is worth a thousand words...

Favorite photos of the pets.......

Vida Puppy love armful Puppy Vida introduced to beachwalks Dog running mates Wall sentinals Muerte, Vida + Mr T on beachwalk Playing fetch on the beach Les holding Mr T(rouble!)

Our pet/fur family began with Muerte, a give-away pup. His mother, a pure-bred Rottweiler, had given birth to a litter of mixed blood pups, so her owner couldn't sell them.

Les rescued a litter of 5 pups, left abandoned on the dark earth in the full sun outside our wall, and fed them with a syringe dropper every few hours.

We found homes for the rest, but kept a white female, and named her "Vida".

That's how we got Vida + Muerte, (Spanish for life + death)

Over time, we've had a pair of white Peking ducks, a pair of guinea fowl, and 4 kittens that were lost or killed.

Our latest was a rescue pup, Mr T(rouble!) whom we homed with a friend who lives on a farm.

We currently have 3 cats. Our white female, Magic, still reigns supreme, and considers our 2 black males, Midnight + Noche, to be annoying interlopers! She enjoys grooming Vida, whether Vida likes it or not. She usually does.

Everyone likes to be where we are, and follow us around like our own lil entourage. Or wait in ambush behind the hedge for us to pass.

We never tire of watching the personalities and interactions of our "pack". It's amazing how adding or losing one member, changes the whole group dynamic.

Baby Magic meeting Vida Magic grooming Vida Noche + Midnight cuddle Sleeping with the enemy

I wish we'd taken more pictures of our birds, because those would have been favorite photos I'd like to use for paintings.

Our ducks and guinea fowl taught us a surprising life lesson.

After each pair lost one of their mates, Mr Aflaak teamed up with Mrs Guinea, making a very unlikely odd couple.

They became inseparable companions, in spite of their overwhelming differences. Not the least of which was being different species! (A bit like men are from Mars + women from Venus!)

Modeling a shining example of how to get along with a very strangely behaving mate, they were fascinating to watch.

For example, he'd dive into his food bowl with gusto, spraying corn mash all around. (What mess???) She was happy to peck it all up, all in her day's work, taking it in stride.

She would constantly forage for food, pecking her way around the yard. He watched her with a puzzled look that seemed to say, "when will you make an END?!?!?"

Then he'd go swimming in the fishpond. She'd wander over and perch on the edge watching him, as if wondering what his endless preoccupation was with water!!!

They built a nest right next to the fishpond where she'd sit all day, while he swam close by.

It was a sad day when we lost him after breaking a leg. She stopped eating and just called and called for him. Not being able to bear losing a second mate, she finally gave up, and died of a broken heart.

It's good to remember their stellar example. They not only tolerated, but genuinely appreciated, with obvious affection, a very weird and challenging partner.

Guinea pair Mr Duck + Mrs Guinea 2

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