Homes For Sale
Find One Just Right For You

So many homes for sale!
How do you find the one that's just right for you?

Many components make up a successful financial commitment this big.
Here are some of the most important factors to consider to get it right.

What's the main reason you're looking at homes for sale? Will your property be purely an investment? or holiday home in the Caribbean that you and your family will use for part of the year?

If it's solely an investment, then crunching the numbers and facts are most important.
If it's your permanent (or even second home) there are other considerations - like tax implications for raising the money you'll need for it.

Some people feel more comfortable with the advice of a financial adviser working with the specific details of their personal situation.

Professional help from a financial adviser, working with the specific details of your personal situation, can help you decide which of the many new homes for sale is your best fit.

Here, it's advisable to hire a good lawyer (see footnote) to guide your decisions and protect your interests.
A title search on your potential purchase is highly recommended to prevent problems later on.

Financial planning issues to decide on include......

• Will you pay with money on hand, or do you need to borrow the money to buy?

• Is it better to take out a mortgage in your home country or with a lender here in the DR?

• Will your new property generate any income - as with rentals?

• Will you become a resident here in the DR? (this is fairly easy, but much less stressful with a lawyer's help)

• If retiring, what is the best way to set up your banking to have access to those funds - like pensions or RRSPs/401Ks - here in the DR?

• Is it better to own the property personally or through a company? your DR lawyer can provide up-to-date legal benefits of each

• Are you a current taxpayer or resident in your "home country?"

• Is it better to borrow the money to buy? even if you can afford to pay outright?
This would let you make other investments with your cash, if the cost of borrowing is low enough to make this viable.

Get these issues clear in your mind to help you decide which of the many homes for sale is the perfect fit for you.


Footnote: Lawyers are plentiful in the DR, but the good ones are an invaluable resource! Ask for references, and do thorough "due diligence research" before hiring one.

Our real estate resource people have access to all the available listings on the north shore of homes for sale.
We'll do our very best to find your best match.

+++PLUS+++ We'll throw in a FREE STAY @Vecinos while property shopping!

We're glad to walk you through the entire process, from start to finish!

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