Scuba Diving in the DR

Warm Atlantic ocean water invites you to come scuba diving + discover our breathtaking coral reef community !

Of the numerous scuba diving locations around our island, the closest to us is at Sosua Bay - just 15 minutes west of our Vecinos location in Cabarete.

Merlin Diving Center located there has a great reputation for fun and reliability ! Ask Juergen Rumpenhorst to recommend a tour just right for you to visit the underwater world of marine life near by.

2-year old Paula shares her parent's passion, and happily suits up with goggles to take her first dive lesson underwater......

Merlin Dive Center Paula's first dive lesson

The Gooch's family captured their recent memorable scuba diving experience here....... Gooch's family scuba diving vacation video

Many of our guests come to enjoy scuba diving on their vacation in the DR. One fun-loving British couple who came to celebrate her 60th birthday while on holiday with us, worked up their courage to go scuba diving for the first time. They returned elated, and said it was definitely a highlight of their holiday.

Scuba diving in the DR is such a great adventure for anyone - young or young-at-heart - this could turn out to be your favorite vacation experience bold and enjoy! :)

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