Our Dominican Republic Beach Resort Home

Ever dream about living on a tropical isle (like the Dominican Republic)?

It got me through many winter mornings, scraping ice off my windshield so I could go to work.

"Fast-forward" to ten years later, and.....we're here!!!

Living beach-side in the Dominican Republic! and the only thing I'm washing off our windshield is salt from the ocean breeze.

Hola, I'm Lynda. My husband (Les) and I moved to Cabarete (on the north shore of the DR) to check it out.

We came to enjoy the climate and make some money working with an affordable real estate investment with a superior return (ROI).

Our adventures in that pursuit make us laugh (a lot! - I've never laughed so hard in all my life) and also shake our heads in total bewilderment.

Ready to live your dream life in the Caribbean ?
Find that perfect Caribbean property deal - that sounds almost too good to be true?
If you want to see our journey to decide if it's the right fit for you, let's go.......

Relocating abroad and living overseas can be a daunting challenge, especially in a third-world environment. It's much easier when you know more about what to expect and some "rules of engagement!"

We're often asked, "What's it like living there?"

This website gives you our answer to that question, sharing our experiences of living here.

Instead of shoveling snow, we take our dogs for beach walks.
Winter is our favorite season now.

Year round temperatures feel like summer did back home. Big! Win!

Dropping out of the rat race to live in the land of "manana" has certainly slowed our pace and taught us a lot.

I took a lot of things for granted - like having full-time electricity and clear running water - until I didn't!

There's nothing like "doing-without-them" to help you appreciate the basics. I know now (if you have to choose), having water is more important than power - who knew?!?!?

Thankfully both are now in good supply, so we can offer our condos as "vacation rentals by owner" with confidence. That's a big in the "win" column, and we love to celebrate those!

As our younger son would say, "keep going till you have a story."

Here's ours....."our Dominican Republic".

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