Kevin Reviews Orlando Florida

I recently went to Orlando Florida on a two week holiday and loved every minute of it.

I found the Theme Parks, Water Parks and wildlife experiences to all be the best I have ever experienced!

Visiting the Everglades was simply fantastic, however I would also highly praise Gatorland, for those who do not want a long journey to experience the Alligators of Florida.

Disney World was as expected a fantastic place, and my only regret is never going as a young child.Sea World was undoubtedly the jewel in the Crown.

The three thrill rides that they have on site are amazing! I have never got as wet on a water ride as I did on Journey to Atlantis. After going on Kraken I thought I was about to faint, it was so fast! Manta is out of this world - possibly the best ride here, with the exception of Spiderman, at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

In the same day I was able to hand feed the Dolphins for only $7, hand feed the Rays for only $5 and catch as many shows as I wanted free of charge.

I loved the Dolphin show and some of the stunts that are performed are awesome, the Shamu once ocean show with the Killer Whales was the best thing I've ever seen.

The stunts the animals perform and the actual performers with their aerial acrobatics was awesome!I also really enjoyed the Manatees display. It is fantastic simply watching these gentle animals being fed huge amounts of lettuce by the keepers and it is a really lovely thing to experience.

This is what inspired me to swim with the Manatees in the Crystal River and something I would personally recommend anyone who visits Florida to do.Overall a great day and a great holiday in Orlando Florida.

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