Local Restaurants Tickle Taste-Buds

Local restaurants tickle your taste buds with a wide variety of food and ambiance choices.

Whether you feel like French cuisine by candlelight or burgers on the beach....the right choices make magical memories.

Cabarete's varied options include everything from great Chinese food, or top-notch sushi, to authentic Italian pizza, or the local Dominican fare of basic rice and beans.

Roadside kiosks serve up delicious roasted or BBQ chicken, beef + pork, with sides of salads, veggies and the ubiquitous rice.

A mountain top Castle Club caters to group dinner parties by reservation, with special individual attention.

Pretty much everyone serves beer - ICE! COLD! aka bien frio!

There is a very handy cafe on the beach, 100 meters across the street from us. They serve good American or Dominican food and are reasonably priced.

It's really convenient for our guests. They can just walk over in a minute, and enjoy a fine meal on the beach. Handy dandy.

Pick from Indian, Mexican, Chinese, French, Caribbean, Italian, American, European or Dominican cuisine. Dress up for a fine dining experience, or beachwear for casual munchies.

Either way, dining in Cabarete offers taste sensations to tantalize your palate, and ambiance choices just right for your social outing.

Sure to tickle your taste buds + make magic memories.

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