Tropical Fruit and Flower Garden

Taste the tropics, picking fruit from the garden, or tickle your senses with the beauty and fragrance of our tropical flowers.

We pick mangos from our balcony, or almonds, avocados, breadfruit, bananas, chinola, citrus, guavas, and rollos (similar to bananas) growing around the garden, when they're in season.

Les has a favorite coconut palm tree at the back of the condo. We've watched it grow from just reaching the first storey level - to its' fronds now reaching past our 3rd level mezzanine window.

The coconut pickers, who come to harvest our coconut crop every few months, know it's "off-limits" for picking.

Vegetation thrives in the 12-month growing season, rewarding a gardener's efforts with its' rapid progress. It's a landscape artist's dream, and Les's ongoing work-in-progress.

Our cactus generates a rare blossom that comes out for one night. Luckily, we noticed it the night it emerged, and were able to capture it in this picture.

We saved a copse of mature trees (avocados, breadfruit, coconuts, guavas, and plumeria) in the middle of the backyard, from being cut down during construction. It makes a beautiful natural screen between the pool and condo building.

Early morning on the balcony, sipping tea and looking out over the green canopy of our garden, is a relaxing meditation.

Sometimes it's great being me!

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