Renowned Beaches of Cabarete + Area

The D.R.'s north shore is home to numerous incredible beaches including the world famous one at Cabarete.

Playa Grande is 45 minutes east of us, and boasts the best golf course in the Caribbean. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, it's a must-see + do for golfers of any skill level. 11 of the 18 holes overlook incredible ocean vistas.

Just west of the golf course, a mini-hub of several dozen cooking shacks vie for your dining business close to water's edge. Their "barkers" rush to be the first to greet arriving visitors and tout the superiority of their own establishment.

Each "scout" courts the new arrivals, with claims that they offer the best fish, lobster or shrimp. Sometimes it seems like the one who can shout the loudest and be the pushiest, wins.

Enjoying delicious seafood, surrounded by sun, sand n surf in the shade of swaying palms, more than makes up for being "accosted".

Ocean World is Playa Confresi's most famous tenant. Here you can dock your yacht at the marina, swim with the dolphins, watch marine shows, have a wide choice of dining options, watch top notch "Vegas-style" shows, or gamble at their casinos.

Christopher Columbus landed at Puerto Plata in 1492 when he thought he'd discovered America. You can tour his original fort on the cliffs overlooking the ocean, and see the same view he had looking out to sea.

Closer to home, and only 15 minutes west, Playa Sosua is home of wonderful snorkling and skuba diving. German Jewish settlers were invited to emmigrate here in the last century, and brought an interesting dimension to the community, enriching the cultural diversity.

On the west edge of Cabarete, Encuentro Beach, has great wave action that attracts surfers of all kinds. Instructors teach beginners, who aspire to reach the expert level of the pros enjoying their "Masters of the Ocean" skills in this incredible surf.

The Cabarete Bay is the scene of hundreds of colorful kites when wind conditions are right. Which is often. Our guests have told us that once they kite here, they're spoiled to go anywhere else.

Those less adventurous or athletic, grab some rays, sip a cold one and watch the panoramic scene. Great fun. And relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

5 minutes east of us, the beach at La Boca is a popular place to go for fried fish, where the river meets the sea......hence "La Boca" -> "the mouth".

It's a favorite spot to join our friends for an afternoon of jet-skiing, some cervesas - bien frio! and chilaxing.......

For some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, come to the north shore of the Dominican Republic...or as we like to call it....home !

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